Frequently Asked Questions

Every Avatar that is being displayed is an original 1:1 copy directly send to us from VRChat itself and stored on our Servers, we did not Abuse or exploit any Services.
We do not extract, modify or manipulate Avatar-Files in any way *1. Files are stored as an Original Backup
We take no responsibility for anyone's action, and we are not involved in extracting/converting asset bundles in any particular way. *1
We see ourselves in the position of a global-accessible Archiving Site
Everything displayed on this Website is stored on Offshore Servers.
Please use our Contact Page to get in touch with us, Blacklisting is completely free.
"Blacklisting" translates into blocking all your Uploads (including future one's too) from being downloaded completely.
There are currently 2 Methods to gain credits, first option is to install our Mod and submit Avatars to our Website, second option is by watching Ads. You can read more about this in your ClientArea > Credits section.

*1 Excluded from this are following Tools: Hotswap, Extractor